Cell Fender

Cell Fender:

Another very well established rubber fender type is the Cell Fender. It is fully rubber- embedded and have a hollow cylindrical body. Guru Offshore have most of the sets of moulds available for cell bumper.

You can inquire us to know the availability of sets of marine cell rubber fenders and we will get back to you.

We will supply the cell rubber fender panel that will include the weight chain, frame of steel, tension chain as well as the required accessories bolts.


Cone fenders are compact fenders compared to Cell fenders. They have a higher Energy Absorption capacity for the same height. This is mainly due to the conical shape, which allows deflection up to 72%. Cone fenders can be installed in configuration of single, dual or in multiple combination with a common frontal frame for optimizing the performance characteristics. These fenders are fitted with long frames to provide a larger contact area vertically for ports where there is a huge tidal variation.


  • Simplicity with high performance and strength.

  • Strong and well proven design.

  • Good shear force resistance.

  • High energy absorption to reaction force ratio.


  • Used for large size vessel.

  • Prevent ship’s hull from damage.

  • Oil and LNG facilities

  • Offshore platforms.

  • Multi-user berths


  • Most commonly used fender in port.

  • Large mounting flanges distribute load over the back of the fender panel frame.

  • Support large Panels.