Cone Fenders

Cone Fender

Another very efficient fender type based on rubber that is used in variety of applications is Cone Fender. It has fully rubber embedded mounting flanges and its body is conical in shape. It’s conical shape gives it an edge and a number of performance characteristics that are outstanding compared to other fenders.

Its design is such that a large circular base that it has keeps the fender body almost stable at any given point of time.


Call fenders are preferably used for large sized vessels where high energy is required.

Cone Fenders are compact fenders compared to Cell fenders. They have a higher Energy Absorption capacity for the same height. This is mainly due to the conical shape, which allows deflection up to 72%.

Cone fenders are also more stable at large compression angles and offer better shear resistance compared to any other fenders. Like cell fenders, cone fenders can also be equipped with frontal frames having low friction fascia pads to reduce the shear force as well as the hull pressure.

Cone fenders can be installed in configuration of single, dual or in multiple combination with a common frontal frame for optimizing the performance characteristics. These fenders are fitted with long frames to provide a larger contact area vertically for ports where there is a huge tidal variation.

Check below few of the Key features of our cone fender:-

Key features:

  • It has an excellent ratio of energy absorption to reaction force (E/R)
  • It has very high energy absorption per fender weight
  • It’s shape remains stable against shear and high panel weights
  • Optional overload stop protects against high deflections
  • Systems can have hydraulic locking “designed out”
  • Wide range of rubber compounds available